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All about BPC-157 Peptides

Sporty & Rich Wellness - All about BPC-157 Peptides


By: @___george.nat


Body protecting compound (BPC) is a peptide chain made up of 15 amino acids. It has started to gain attention due to the growing body of research demonstrating its profound ability to support and speed up connective tissue healing within tendons, muscles, and the nervous system. Your body naturally produces BPC-157 in your gastric juices where it protects and heals your gut, however, research has found that it may also possess an abundance of other healing properties to various areas of the body.


Gut Health  


BPC-157 has been shown to benefit gut health in a multitude of ways. This is likely due its cytoprotection and endothelium maintenance capabilities. Research has found that people with ulcers or erosions in the intestinal cells of the gut could benefit from BPC-157 due to its incredible wound healing properties.   


Mental Health


BPC-157 has also been studied in relation to its neuroprotective properties. Research has found that BPC-157 can induce a release of serotonin and has a positive influence on the serotoninergic and dopaminergic systems in our brain. Aside from its neuroprotective effects, BPC-157 can also assist in nerve regeneration post brain injury whilst also reducing inflammation.  


Wound Healing  


Research has shown that the application of BPC-157 to wounds, such as burns, has the ability to speed up the process of skin cell regeneration, therefore, accelerating the wound healing process. BPC-157 is capable of promoting growth factors that play a role in wound healing. Moreover, BPC-157 can help to heal gastric lesions by enhancing the speed of the healing phase.  




BPC-157 is also anti-inflammatory activity due to its ability to improve mucosal integrity. A recent study found that the peptides in BPC-157 promote improved cell survival, cell migration and angiogenesis which improves the health of bones, muscle and joint tissue. As mentioned above, BPC-157 also enhances growth hormones which can be beneficial in certain tissues affected by inflammation.  


Overall, research has shown promising results for using BPC-157 for various conditions/ailments such as: 


Gastric/peptic ulcers  

Chronic inflammation 

Wound healing  

Bone and joint repair  

Organ healing  

Integrity of GI mucosal cells  

IBS and IBD 




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