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Wellness Club

The Importance of a Evening Routine

By: Gabrielle Yoo

A good evening routine helps us end the day on the right note. The key is to wind down a day’s worth of activities and prepare oneself to the important repair and recovery process— sleep. 


Switch off 

After battling a whole day, we must turn off that stimulation button of our mind and body at least 4 hours prior to sleep. Conclude whatever work you were working on and set it aside until tomorrow. Dim the lights in your house and set your phones on night mode. Do not consume caffeine in the afternoon as it blocks adenosine receptors (where adenosine builds up to create sleep pressure) in your body. 


Muscle deactivation 

Vigorous training in the evening is never recommended for those seeking a good night’s sleep. It activates our muscles and stimulates our body in ways that are not suitable for a relaxing evening. Rather we must deactivate and detoxify our body. 20-30 minutes of foam rolling, massage and/or static stretches are appropriate. Focus on the areas where tension tends to accumulate such as shoulder/traps, hip flexors, lower back and calves. An epsom salt bath is another great way to relax your muscles and wind down after a long day on your feet.


Evening hygiene & detoxification

Throughout the day, there is a build-up of bodily waste and oil, dust and bacteria in our skin pores. Therefore it is essential to clear these to prevent clogging. Make sure to shower and pay special attention to areas such as the armpit and feminine area, especially during menstruation. To facilitate the detoxification, make sure to drink enough water and not consume foods that are acidic, have high trans-fat, alcohol, have been in contact with BPA and are high in sugar in general. 


Routinely go to bed

As mentioned in the article “The Importance of a Morning Routine”, for our internal “clock” that works with the 24-hour circadian rhythm to work properly and truly respect the timely ritual, we must routinely go to bed. Plan ahead what time you will be tucking yourself into bed and fall asleep. Put your phone on airplane mode. Set an alarm for tomorrow morning so you can get at least 8 hours of a quality sleep. 

The outcome of a good evening routine is a body that is fully repaired and recovered through sleep. You will also greet the next morning fresher than ever. In the long run, a good sleep is a big part of preventative medicine. If you are seeking to drastically improve the quality of your health, start with a healthy evening routine followed by a healthy morning routine.