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Wellness Club

How to Keep Your Nails Long and Strong

By: Emily Oberg


I love long, natural, bare nails, and I know many people struggle with growing their nails out and keeping them long. I used to be addicted to gel manicures and was getting them every month for 2 years, but after switching all of my products to non-toxic and natural, this needed to end. I’ve had natural nails for two years now and they never break, they actually grow TOO fast which can sometimes be annoying because I have to file them down more often than I’d like to.


My nail routine consists of this:


Taking daily supplements such as fish oil, my personal favorite is Nordic Naturals which are strawberry flavored so you don’t get the fishy aftertaste that some fish oils have. 


Collagen is another good supplement to take not only for your nails but for your overall health. It’s great for your skin, gut and repairing any internal damage your body may have. I add both collagen protein (Dr. Axe) and collagen peptides (Vital proteins) to my smoothies because the capsules tend to be quite large and difficult to digest.


Zinc, in addition to its many benefits, also increases nail growth and keeps them long and strong. I take 2 capsules of chelated Zinc everyday. 


Bone broth is another great source of collagen and it also tastes delicious. I drink a cup of it everyday either right when I wake up or before bed. Sometimes I’ll add lemon juice, Celtic salt, pepper and chili flakes to make it even more yummy! 


I’m obsessed with keeping my cuticles hydrated and moisturized, especially in LA where it gets so dry. I like to use coconut oil on my cuticles throughout the day and at night before bed. I also love Lauren’s all purpose salve. It’s a 100% natural and organic multi-purpose moisturizer that can be used on anything, and it smells great too. 


I almost always keep my nails bare because I love the look of them and because I don’t like having to deal with chipped polish. And if you’re constantly putting on nail polish you’re not giving your nails a chance to breathe and repair themselves. On the odd occasion, I’ll do a clear or red coat, but I make sure to use a non-toxic brand. I personally like Zoya which is one of the best non-toxic nail polish brands on the market. I love it because the formula goes on smoothly and they have TONS of beautiful colors, the brush is also a really good shape and makes it easy to apply on yourself.


Less is always more, so if you’re struggling to grow your nails out, stop putting polish on them and going to a salon every other week. Oftentimes salons use toxic chemicals which further weaken our nails and dry them out. Do as little as you can, keep them moisturized and take supplements to encourage growth.