Q: How can I order from the site?

Our site opens for pre order once a month. Once the site is open, you are able to place an order. You cannot place an order before the release date.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship worldwide.


Q: What couriers do you ship with?

Domestic orders are shipped via Fedex and international orders are shipped via DHL.


Q: What size should I order?

All of our items are in men's sizing unless otherwise stated. We have size charts on all of our product pages, so please refer to those when choosing your size. 


Q: How should I wash my items?

All of our clothing is preshrunk. Our products are garment dyed and may bleed during first couple of washes. We recommend washing your items alone for the first few washes and with like-colors after that. 


Q: Where are your items produced?
All of our apparel is produced in the USA. Our hats and small accessories such as water bottles, jewelry and exercise equipment are made overseas. 


Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

Because we don't carry stock in any of our items, we typically do not accept returns or exchanges. If we do have any leftovers and happen to have your size, we will gladly exchange it for the correct size. If your item is defected or damaged, we will replace it or offer a refund if we do not have a replacement in stock. Because we do not carry stock, we ask you to please check your measurements and our size chart to ensure you've ordered correctly. 


Q. Will I be charged customs?

Yes. Customs and duties are at the sole responsibility of the purchaser, they are not included at checkout. 


Q. How long is the shop open for drops?

Our pre-order lasts anywhere from 1-4 days, depending on the amount of volume we do on the first day. We keep all of our products limited and will close the site to limit the amount we produce.


Q: Do products sell out?

Because we do pre-order only, our items do not sell out, but we do limit the amount we produce and will close the shop after we've reached a certain limit. This is because we do not want to overproduce anything and make thousands of unnecessary items. 


Q. Do orders ship in pieces or altogether?

All items in your order will be shipped in one package to reduce shipping costs.


Q. Can I combine orders?

All orders must be placed together. Due to high volume, we cannot combine multiple orders. Please place all orders together at once.


Q. Why has someone received their order and I haven’t?

Depending on where you live in the world, some regions have faster shipping than others. Canada and the US typically will get their packages sooner than overseas territories such as Asia, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.


Q. What is Pre-order - Pre-order 101.

All of our items are available via pre order only which means we only produce orders that are placed. We do this in an effort to reduce waste and damage to the environment. Once the pre order window closes, our factory begins production. Your items are cut and sewn, dyed, printed and sent to our warehouse to be shipped out. We thank you for supporting our sustainable business model and hope that our values are worth the wait.


Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

Our pre order window typically takes 3-4 weeks to produce and ship. Your item will ship no later than 4 weeks after your order is placed.


Q. Will certain items ever be restocked?

We do not restock old items unless they are in high demand. Once we release something, we typically don’t release it ever again. To be notified of any restocks, please subscribe to our newsletter, we provide updates on all product launches through there.