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10 Habits Successful People Have

Sporty & Rich Wellness - 10 Habits Successful People Have


By: @emma.walsh


We all have our own vision of success – and a unique path to get there. While each journey is different, there are certain habits that successful people have in common that help them achieve their goals. We may think we’re worlds apart from these types of people, but when we can emulate their habits and mindsets, we’re one step closer to achieving our goals, and ultimately, our vision of success. 


Waking Up Early and Having a Productive Morning


The reason so many successful people wake up early is because it gives them uninterrupted time to work on their priorities. Think, we wouldn’t wake up at 5:00 or 6:00a.m. to scroll on our phones, right? Instead, we’d use that time to perform healthy habits and work on our goals. What’s more, a study also found those who wake up earlier are happier and have a more positive disposition.


Setting Goals


Setting goals is paramount – it’s how we get from where we are to where we want to be. Successful people create their goals and then make a specific action plan to get there.


A Routine Composed of Healthy Habits


Successful people take care of their mental and physical health with habits that enable them to perform at their best. Common daily habits you’ll find in their routines include:

Drinking water

Eating fruits and vegetables


Taking supplements that support wellbeing




Positive affirmations


Keeping Promises They Make to Themselves


Inevitably, life happens sometimes, but successful people keep their word and follow through as much as possible. This is the best way to build self confidence and self trust, according to author and performance coach Ed Mylett.


Identifying Limiting Beliefs


Self-limiting beliefs translate into self-limiting behaviors. We all have limiting beliefs, even highly successful people. But, what sets them apart is their ability to transcend them and then expand their idea of what’s possible.


Having Courage


The path to success requires stepping outside of our comfort zone. Successful people always face intimidating opportunities and challenges with an immense amount of courage.


Being Resilient and Persistent


The ability to get back up after we get knocked down is key, as no journey is without setbacks. But, successful people know that learning and growing from these challenges is what makes us even stronger in the long run.


Having a “Why” and Sense of Purpose


Successful people remember the reason why they’re working towards their goals every day. Having a “why” gives a feeling of purpose, and ignites our determination when we’re dealing with those inevitable setbacks.


Asking for Feedback


A common phrase successful people remember is that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”


Practicing Gratitude


Recognizing our blessings through a gratitude practice is vital to a happy, healthy, and successful life. The benefits can be felt across all areas of life: mental health, physical health, relationships, self esteem, sleep, and more. Numerous people who have achieved remarkable things attribute their success to their gratitude practice. No matter what success looks like in your eyes, gratitude will make the journey that much better.