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Wellness Club

How to Make Working Out at Home Work

By Emily Oberg



Ever since the lockdown began, we’ve been confined to do absolutely everything within the four walls of our homes. That includes working out and for some, it’s easier said than done. I know a lot of people find it hard to stay motivated while working out at home and don’t manage to get the same intensity that they would from a sweaty gym session or Barry’s Bootcamp class. But alas, we’ve got to work with what we have and when life gives you lemons! I myself have been working out at home for ages because I find workout classes to be mostly gross and smelly and I’m not a fan of the meathead gym culture- men walking around, flexing their muscles whilst gawking at other women and each other, the whole thing is flawed and grotesque. There is also something to be said about the fact that people ENJOY feeling like they’re about to die and throw up while at the gym— this is not healthy and maybe our normal isn’t that normal after all? Regardless, there are plenty of things to love about working out at home, and it’s completely free!



Whether you’re into pilates, boxing, HIIT, weight training or yoga, there are plenty of online programs, livestreams and apps that will cater to exactly what you’re looking for. The Nike NTC app is a great one, with plenty of intense workouts led by our friend Kirsty Godso, we also host a weekly live workout on Instagram, so check that out too. Aimee Song has been doing live workouts with rotating guests of models and trainers alike. Noah from Rumble has been hosting his own IG live workouts as well, so all you boxers can get your fix in. Every so often I would go to Hot Pilates and I do miss it. Thankfully, HP Founder Shannon Nadj has replicated the experience on her Instagram, allowing you to get that booty burn while at home. Personally, I like to do a series of strength training sessions focusing on abs, glutes and arms. I incorporate pilates moves with strength training and add in a lot of stretching as well. If you don’t have any equipment, there are many things around the house you can use, from a couch, a chair, coffee table, pillows, face towels, books, it’s up to you to be creative!



And if you really dread working out, maybe you’re doing the wrong workout. It should be something you enjoy and have fun doing and maybe even look forward to! If you’re lucky to live in a place where you can still go for walks, then try to do that as much as you can. Walking is one of my favorite exercises and I do a 30-40 minute walk each morning and some days, I’ll do the same in the evening after dinner. Walking is a great way to get in some cardio without feeling it too much (I hate running). For me, it’s therapeutic and I enjoy the time alone with my own thoughts. The benefits of being out in the sun and in nature are also extremely crucial for your overall health. 



When it comes to finding motivation, some people are better at motivating themselves than others. I find that I’m easily able to motivate myself, by knowing that I have to work for the body I want and, that my body will thank me for working out and taking care of it. My mindset is that working out isn’t an option, it’s a given. I can’t go one day without doing some sort of physical activity or moving my body, even if it’s just some gentle stretching before bed time and in the morning. If you don’t have an instinctive motivation, try telling yourself that you will feel much better if you were to work out, that it will help relieve any stress or tension in your body, that it will help you to release anger and also, endorphins. And if you workout, you’ll feel better about eating that piece of cake.