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Eliminating Candida

Sporty & Rich Wellness - Eliminating Candida
By: @shatiachesson 

Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by an overgrowth of yeast, known as Candida. Candida can live on the skin and inside the body without being problematic. However, when certain species of Candida grow out of control, they can disrupt the normal balance of good bacteria and fungi within the body. This reaction can trigger a host of seemingly unrelated health issues, known as Candidiasis. From skin rashes to yeast infections, Candidiasis can be a serious complication if not properly taken care of. Yet, it is sometimes hard to distinguish and mistaken for other issues due to its vague nature of symptoms. Below, we dive into some of the common symptoms.

Sexual Health Issues. One of the most common signs of candida is a vaginal yeast infection. This can develop after taking antibiotics and can also be triggered by hormonal changes from pregnancy or high-estrogen birth control. Although yeast infections are common, constant infections may indicate candida overgrowth. 

Chronic Fatigue. One of the main symptoms of candida overgrowth is chronic fatigue, a constant feeling of being tired and exhausted. Constant fatigue is often accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, and difficulties with memory & concentration. 

Cravings. Because yeast feeds on sugar and carbohydrates, once yeast overgrowth is present, the Candida will make you crave sugar and sweet foods on a regular basis. A craving so strong you’ll feel the need to eat, right after eating. These cravings are the yeast calling out for you to feed it. A sugar free diet is recommended to help aid in starving the yeast. 

Mood Disorders. Many people aren't aware of the effect yeast has on the central nervous system. Irritability, anxiety, panic attacks and depression episodes are all linked to overgrowth of candida in the body. When a yeast infection becomes chronic, it can cause poor concentration, decreased memory, mood swings, irritability and brain fog, mainly due to toxins and waste material from the Candida.

Dermatologic Signs. Candida normally lives on the surface of the skin. But sometimes the fungi can make its way beneath the skin's surface and cause infections. Once Candida cells escape into your bloodstream, they can colonize your skin and result in skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. 

So, how can you get rid of Candida?


Eliminate Sugar. As sugar is candida’s primary source of fuel, this is the best place to start in order to starve the candida. 


Cut Down on Carbohydrates. Although carbs may not contain sugar per se, once they are eaten, they still develop into sugar. For this reason, cutting down on carbs (particularly from refined sources like breads, crackers, and chips) will aid in removing candida from the body. 


Ditch Dairy. Dairy is similar to carbohydrates in the sense that once it’s ingested, it breaks down into sugar. Dairy is also an inflammatory food that can further irritate a leaky gut caused by an overgrowth of candida. The milk we consume is pasteurized and homogenized, and synthetic vitamins are typically added. These unnatural additives can cause yeast overgrowth linked to Candida and cause other issues like increased fatigue, headaches, and diarrhea. 


Go Gluten-free. In addition to being highly inflammatory, gluten can be part of a vicious cycle for those suffering from candidiasis. There is some evidence that candida may be the  “root cause” for some who have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 


Eliminate Alcohol. When alcohol breaks down in your body, it continues to feed candida. Fermented alcohol in particular (including beer and wine) has higher amounts of sugar and gluten, which are both inflammatory. 


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