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Wellness Club

Gel Water- The Most Effective Way to Stay Hydrated



By: Emily Oberg


I am one of the biggest proponents of drinking plenty of water. It flushes out toxins, eliminates fatigue and headaches, keeps our skin glowing and reduces bloating. But is drinking water the best way to consume it? In her book titled Quench, Dr. Dana Cohen reveals that there’s a much better, more effective way to stay hydrated and you’re probably already doing it.

I never thought there was such a thing as drinking too much water, but apparently there is. When you drink too much h20, it flushes out vital nutrients, minerals and electrolytes from our bodies, leaving us depleted when we’re really just trying to stay hydrated and healthy.

Instead, Dr. Cohen states that the best way to properly hydrate is by consuming foods that contain something called “Gel Water” (otherwise known by its chemical equation: H3O2). This is a structured form of water and can be found in foods like cucumbers, (the gel-like substance that you see around the seeds) chia seeds, (the gel that forms around the seed when soaked in liquid), oranges, raspberries, aloe, lettuce, watermelon and tomatoes as well as other foods with a high water content.


The reason why Gel Water is more hydrating than regular water, is simply because it's more easily absorbed by our bodies on a cellular level and is the type of water that’s found in our cells, whereas simply drinking water goes right through us and takes the good stuff with it. So next time you feel dehydrated, try eating your water instead of drinking it.


In her book, Dr. Cohen dives deeper into the science of hydration and offers up a hydrating wellness plan that promises to increase energy, focus and promote better digestion all within just five days. Need I say more?