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Health Talk with Blanca Padilla

We spoke with Spanish model, @blancapadilla on her wellness regiment and how she stays grounded amidst her unpredictable schedule.


Q: What are the main pillars of your wellness regiment?


Proper hydration, daily movement (whether it's 15 or 45 minutes), nourishing food, practicing being present, and making time for small things that make me feel good every day. Although these may sound cliché, they're essential. 


Q: What's one thing you do for your health every day no matter what?


I can't say that it's 8 hours of sleep or a meditation practice every single day, because while I try to commit to these, my schedule with work, travel, etc. varies and affects my ability to do so. With that being said, the one thing I'll never compromise on is eating healthy, nourishing foods everyday. 


Q: What is your morning and nighttime wellness routine?



AM: I avoid looking at my phone during the first 30 minutes after I wake up. This is key for me in order to start my day off right. I find that when I don't follow through with this, I feel anxious & stressed and the rest of my day feels disrupted. 


Each morning, I cleanse my face, apply my skincare, scrape my tongue and then I make myself a coffee. After this, I feel ready to start looking through my emails and I'll take a break with a quick workout at some point (usually 20 to 30 minutes long). When time permits, I like to follow this with a meditation practice.


PM: At night time, I love eating early-ish. Unfortunately, that's not the norm in Spain, which is where I’ve been spending some time this year! In Spain, I usually end up living by their schedule and end up eating quite late. However, I try to be in bed before midnight, and I do my skincare routine every single night, finished with some lavender essential oil in bed. On the nights I'm feeling a bit fancier, I light up some candles, put on a clay mask, and do a meditation or a gratitude practice. I find these little rituals so beneficial from time to time. 


Q: How do you prioritize your wellness?


By attentively listening to my varying needs each day. Because every single day looks so different for me, I don’t really have a standardized routine I can repeat each day. On one hand, I love that because it gives me some flexibility to play with. On the other hand, living in constant uncertainty with my work and travel plans makes tuning in, feeling my emotions, and really listening to my body's needs essential. From here, I'll do my best to cater to these needs. Sometimes this means distancing from a person, canceling plans, staying home and doing "nothing", watching a TV series, or tending to my anxiety and recharging by writing, listening to a Podcast, or reflecting on (and processing) difficult emotions. It’s important to practice listening to your body and needs.


Q: What's one wellness product you can't live without?


Azelaic acid and Niacinamide.


Q: What are some things that keep you feeling "well"?


Gratitude, the love of my people, making time for those small habits that feel good and that build self-love. This can be anything from music, to writing, to meditating, to a good laugh with a friend, or movement. 


Q: What does being healthy mean to you?


Feeling at peace, having a strong sense of vitality and an overall sense of well-being. When you feel in love with life and want to love, laugh, eat, dance, explre, be creative, and truly LIVE.


Q: Have you ever struggled with your health? If so, how did you overcome it?


I've definitely struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and I still do. We live in such a fast-paced world and in a digital reality, so I think it's "normal" to experience this from time to time, especially when you think about the unique struggles we each face on top of this. I believe that rather than trying to get rid of it, we should work with it. I was once told that anxiety is like an insecure, young me looking for love, attention, and understanding. When anxious, you have to remind yourself that everything’s working out how it is supposed to, to have faith and trust, to relax into what is, and remind yourself that you are loved. These reminders have helped dissipate my anxiety.


Q: What is your #1 wellness tip?


I have a few...Prioritize yourself without hurting others. Be kind. Be grateful for what is. Take care of your soul.


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