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Wellness Club

My Current Supplement Rotation

By Emily Oberg

Every few months I rotate in a few new supplements depending on my needs and what concerns I have. I have a core group of about 5-6 supplements that I always take including Coq10, fish oil, Vitamin D, B12 etc. I’ve written about these in a previous post which I will link to below. 

This week, I wanted to talk about a few new supplements I have added in and why I take them. As I’ve mentioned before, liposomal is your best bet for any supplements as they are more bioavailable and will be more easily absorbed and used by your body then capsules and powders. But, not every supplement is offered in a liquid version so there are still some that I take via capsule form.

Moon Juice Super Hair- Because who doesn’t want full and luscious hair? This supplement is a blend of ingredients like saw palmetto and pumpkin seed which inhibit the hair-destructive hormone, DHT, and support healthy hair follicles. It also uses Horsetail, Biotin and kelp which work to promote thickness and reduce hair loss. 

Eye Armour by Bullet Proof- I’ve always had 20/20 vision my whole life but recently, I noticed that my vision started to become blurry on some days and at certain times. I notice it the most when I’m on my computer or phone a lot so I started taking Eye Armour to combat and prevent eye problems which only decline with age. This supplement uses lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin which all combat the negative effects of blue light and our screens. It also uses bilberry, a powerful antioxidant used to improve night vision. 

NAD+ by Elysium Health- Clinically proven to increase NAD+ by 40%, this supplement is one of the best preventive health/aging measures you can take. NAD is essential in the production of ATP, the energy that our cells use to regenerate. I like to do as much preventative care as possible so that I’m not left treating symptoms and illness when I’m older. As we age, NAD decreases due to factors like a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and illness.

Chlorophyll- The stuff tastes horrible, but it works. Chlorophyll is a molecule that gives plants and vegetables their green color. It works in plants by absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. In our bodies, it helps detoxify our blood, accelerate healing, boost the immune system, promote a healthy gut, and improve acne. I take a liquid chlorophyll and mix it in with water and fresh lemon each morning. 

Magnesium- Every cell in our body requires magnesium in order to function. It helps to create energy in our cells, repair DNA and RNA and regulates our nervous system. When we take magnesium, our muscles are able to relax which is why it's so good for sleep. I notice that I take my magnesium supplement before bed, I don’t wake up during the night and have a better sleep than when I don’t.