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Self Care Practices for Busy People

Sporty & Rich Wellness


By: @emma.walsh


We’re all familiar with the feeling of burnout: when we’re overwhelmed with work, a never ending to do list, a packed social calendar, family matters, and a number of other responsibilities. Amidst the chaos, it can feel like there’s not a single moment for ourselves. At the same time, taking time for ourselves via self care is integral for mental and physical wellbeing. It also helps us show up better for others and the world. How to Find Time for You In Your Schedule Before we discuss self care practices, here are a couple tips for making the time in your schedule:


Find your Free Time


Take a look at the day or week ahead and see if there are little pockets of free time in your schedule. Once you’ve identified these, plan a self care practice for that time. For instance, a morning meditation, afternoon walk, or movie night with a friend. If you’re having trouble finding this time, an ideal time for most people can be right after you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep.


Know that it’s Okay to Say No


As a natural people pleaser, this is something I have to remind myself of quite often. If there’s a commitment that you’re just not excited about, it’s perfectly okay to say no. Remind yourself that you’re not saying “no” to the person who asked, you’re just saying “yes” to yourself.


Ways To Practice Self Care When You’re Busy


Exercise Breaks


Research has shown that exercise gives us energy, as well as a rush of endorphins and dopamine. (Interestingly enough, exercise also promotes more restful sleep, too.) If you’re not up for a full workout, you can also opt for a gentle stretch, which is beneficial because it aids blood flow, increases range of motion, and improves physical performance. No matter the form of movement, it goes without saying that you’ll always feel better after.


Time with Friends


Invite some of your busy friends over and have a relaxing self care day together. Some ideal activities for this occasion could be going for a walk, applying face masks and watching a classic movie, or just catching up over a cup of herbal tea.


Get Outside


Breathing in fresh air and absorbing the sun’s vitamin D has a multitude of benefits for our health, including stress reduction, immune support, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. A brisk walk is an ideal daily ritual where we can reap these benefits – and it can also be used as a moment for mindfulness and gratitude. Another easy way to spend more time in nature is to take whatever activity you’re doing outside. (Weather permitting, of course!)


Mental Self Care


After cozying up with a blanket and cup of tea, enjoy some activities that nurture your mental health. My personal favorite is journaling because it allows for deep emotional release. A meditation or tapping session also helps to melt stress away.


Pamper Routine


The evening is an ideal time to indulge in a pamper routine. Plan out the activities you want to do, like facial massage, dry brushing, and a luxurious warm bath. After a thorough pamper evening, I always feel like a more calm, radiant version of myself.




Reading is an accessible activity that can be done while commuting on the train, soaking in the bathtub, or sipping a cup of coffee in a café. A physical book is also the perfect addition to your wind down routine before bed. Books have serious potential to transform your life, so get lost in the pages and experience the educational and stress-relieving benefits.




SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink
SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink

SRC Tennis Racquet - White/Pink

Regular price
$250.00 - Coming Soon

Our SRC Tennis Racquet is based on the Prince Original Graphite Oversize 107 and keeps the specs that made this racquet one of the best player’s sticks of all time. This iconic racquet was originally made famous by players like Andre Agassi and Michael Chang. Features custom branding all around and a genuine calf leather overgrip.

- Head Size: 107 sq. in
- Length: 27in
- Printed logos
- Calf skin overgrip

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