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Wellness Club

The Importance of a Morning Routine



By: Gabrielle Yoo


Our bodies and minds love consistency— a solid routine and a set of morning rituals can brighten one’s day and kickstart it on a perfect tune. Having a morning routine is key to improving your overall quality of life and how you feel on a day to day basis, and the best part? It's free. Here are some AM routine basics that I recommend for anyone and everyone. 

 1.Routinely wake up with sunlight

We all follow a 24-hour cycle called circadian rhythm that dictates our wakefulness and sleepiness. The internal “clock” that resides in our body likes to respect this rhythm so we know when to wake up. Therefore, you are to follow this instruction and aim to get out of bed at the same time every morning. To help set this routine, go to bed at least 8 hours before waking up and set an alarm. Once you wake up, draw up your curtain and let your eyes detect the blue light from the sun. 


2. Morning hydration

One disadvantage of having a sufficient duration of sleep is not being able to drink water which can lead to dehydration. Imagine how much your body would be in need of water after that long 8 hours! So, the very first activity of the day is to drink a glass full (300ml) of water before anything else.


3. Move your body

During sleep, you are in a static position for a long period. Now that you are up and about to face the day, you should perform some dynamic stretches for all muscle groups and mobility exercises to increase the range of motion using these moves:

-Sun salutation

-Cat and cow

-Kneeling hip flexor stretch to half split

-World’s greatest stretch

-Side lying reach

-Table top pose one legged hip rotation

If you have a little more time and want to work on your cardiovascular health, improve blood circulation or increase strength, add 30-45 minutes of appropriate workout. 


4. Fuel your body with a balanced breakfast

It’s the most optimal time for your body to boost food absorption and digestion. A good breakfast can definitely set your diet on the right track. A balanced breakfast consists of a good source of carbohydrate, some healthy fat and protein along with essential micronutrients. Here are some of my recommendations:

-Organic rolled oats with nut milk, sliced banana, nut butter and chia seeds

-Smashed avocado on wholemeal sourdough bread with a handful of mixed berries

-Scrambled organic eggs with rye sourdough bread with a handful of spinach

The most important aspect of morning routine is to make it a routine. Be consistent and follow the same pattern with discipline, and you will witness the amazing variations from one day to another. May you wake up every morning with hopefulness and meet the better version of yourself. 


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