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Non Alcoholic Drink Alternatives for a Hangover Free Spirit

Sporty & Rich Wellness - Hangover Free Spirit: Non Alcoholic Drink Alternatives


By: @trainergabrielle


Science has spoken, there is no “healthy” dose of alcohol. Despite this, alcohol consumption is a complex topic and there’s various reasons why people choose to drink it. To tell you the truth, I also treat myself with a good glass of wine every now and then for the taste and appreciation of culinary experiences. 


Recently, some alluring alternatives to alcoholic beverages have sparked a new light in the market. Culinary development and the health and science industry have refined a compelling offer with alcohol-free spirits. In the past, alcohol alternatives used to be the lesser versions of the “good stuff” but have now evolved to include premium distilled herbs with sophisticated flavor profiles. Not to mention, some of these alcohol-free spirits also provide added health benefits, which have a totally different effect on our bodies in comparison to traditional, toxic alcohol options.


Our culture is ever-evolving, but it takes time to create and accept change. On a practical note, it’s not easy to completely eliminate alcohol in our current culture. It would be a step in the right direction if we could embrace alcohol-free spirits and replace routine consumption of alcohol for something that is easier on our bodies. Rather than expose our bodies to the toxicity of alcohol in social and celebratory situations, what would it be like to reach for a non alcoholic, healthy alternative instead? Our culture of pastimes and socialization could be refined to another level.

There are numerous non-alcoholic spritzer brands popping up in the market. Below are some high quality, health promoting options for you to browse.

Aplos World’s non alcoholic spritzers are a trendy, hemp and herb-infused alternative that uses nano-emulsification technology to convert the hemp extract into smaller, water-soluble compounds, increasing the absorption rate. In other words, this means that its calming, uplifting effects can be felt 15 to 30 minutes after consumption. Find them here:

Amaas Botanics makes clean, non-alcoholic beverages filled with non-gmo botanical extracts. Each botanic is carefully selected, from adaptogens like lion's mane and ashwagandha to culinary ingredients like sumac and sorrel. Discover them here: 

Seed Lip is working with the natural world to change the way we drink. They use a six week maceration, distillation, filtration and blending process where each individual botanical ingredient is distilled separately, before blending. You can find them at 

Odd Bird wines are barrel-fermented for up to 12 months, just like a traditional wine making process. From here, the alcohol is removed and the flavours and aromas are kept. No additives are used. You can find them here:

Drink Opus offers a non-alcoholic version of their alcoholic drinks. Options include non alcoholic gin & tonics and aperitivo spritz. Browse here:

You can easily search for these alcohol-free spirits in your location and proudly serve them to your loved ones. Let’s enjoy our drinks in a smart way. 


Prince Sporty Crewneck - Orange

Prince Sporty Crewneck - Orange

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94 California Crewneck - Sage

94 California Crewneck - Sage

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